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Summer Driving
New Car
Fuel Saving Tips
Saving on fuel
War on the Roads


Drive Safely
New Car
Saving on Fuel
Skidding advoidance
War on the Roads
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Summer Driving

As summer approaches there aren't necessary the same hazards there are in winter, but there are hazards just the same.
There's no point saying to a Police officer you hit the cyclists off their bike because you couldn't see them because of the sun! I assure the Police officer will not be impress. So therefore a setting sun in your eyes while driving is a huge problem and not many drivers think to slow down because they can't see what's ahead because of the sun.

New Car

I collected my new car DS3 Citreon. Early days yet at the moment I'm very please with it.
I spent the evening going through the manual, only to find on Saturday morning that my new car didn't have the most of the extra features in the manual. But does have a speed limiter and cruise control, neither can be used on UK car test .
So far all my students have enjoyed driving it.

Fuel Saving Tips

Another way to save on fuel is to make sure that your tyres are at the correct tyre pressures. In very cold weather your tyre pressure will reduce because of the cold causing more tyre contact with the road, not only wears your tyres down on the outer rim, but as the tyre has more contact with the road, will cause the car to use more fuel to frive it along. Under inflated tyres will also cause your braking to change. Does anyone know if the braking distance is longer or shorter?

Saving on fuel

Just recently on the the News they are saying that once again the price of fuel was increasing. Did you know you can save on fuel just by sticking to the speed limits? When I drive the car my fuel consumption is 52-54 mpg. When I my husband drives the car the fuel consumption is 46mpg. My fuel consumption is better because I stick to the speed limits and added bonus is I'm not likely to get a speeding ticket!

War on the Roads

Did anyone see TV  programme War on the Roads, regarding cyclists and motor vehicles  sharing the same space on the road how it often ended in conflict between the cyclists and the motor driver and the cyclist could often prove that the motor driver was in the wrong as they wearing camras recording any incidents.
I certainly teach my pupils to be very aware of cyclists, but cyclists don't always follow the rules of the road! As same as some motor drivers and if a cyclists does make a mistake it isn't a good enough reason to kill them for it.

Cold weather

Cold weather is on its way. Make sure your car windows are clear  of frost before driving off, including your side mirrors. It won't help you if you tell Police Officer after hitting a cyclist or a pedrestion, it was becasue you couldn't see.
Be aware of black ice on unsalted roads. Remember you can't see black ice, but a indication might be that you feel the steering wheel feels lighter to turn, which means you should keep your speed down. Over the years I've seen many cars overturned, usually in a ditch and through the hedge and in a field due to black Ice.

Changing Car

I'm starting to look for a new car. My current faithfull Nissan Micra doesn't owe me anything having just completed 98000 miles, but it won't last forever and there signs now deteroration, I had to replace the battery today as it was the very first time in five years I got into the car and it wouldn't start.
I'm not sure which new car to buy. I would have a another Micra, but the manufacturers have bought out a new model and its reported not to be as good as the old.
My husband wants us to have a Mini.

Be a safer driver

Want to be a safer driver check out this website it's full of usefull tips.

Skidding Advoidance

There is a lot of wet leaves now on the road. Remember braking on wet leaves is the same as braking on black ice. So lower your speed and brake very gentally to try and advoid skidding.

Mud on the roads

Autumn is here and there's a lot of mud on the small country roads especially if you live around Ely in the fens.
Be a safe driver and try and avoid an accident, when you see mud on the road , especially when it's wet, slow down, try not to brake too hard especially around corners, to try and avoid the car skidding.
Also leave a 10 second gap between you and the car in front as it will take 10 times longer to stop on mud than would do normally and dry roads.
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